Explore these wonderful dive destinations with the comfort of travelling on MV Nautica. We have planned trips for all the whole year. From the months of March till October, MV Nautica alternates between Anambas/Igara Wreck trips and Tioman Island trips. We also have occasional trips to Mapur Islands as well!

While in the months from November through February, Southern Riau Islands trips are available. Once you go LOB, you’ll never go back!

Anambas Islands were featured in CNN as one of the best Asia’s top five tropical island paradises. LOB Anambas has made possible with MV Nautica.

Anambas Islands are a group of islands in Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. These islands are situated 280 km north east of Batam in the South China Sea. The islands were famous for the natural gas exploration in the earlier days, however, it is now also a popular diving destination because of the unspoiled corals reefs and crystal clear water. Whale sharks were spotted during the their migration season. The best way to get to Anambas is by Liveaboard.

Igara was an Italian iron ore carrier that sunk in March 1973. The length of the ship was 297.3m. This ship, Igara, struck an uncharted rock in South China Sea and continued to voyage until it finally sunk down to 40m of water. At the time of sinking, Igara was only one year after she started her servicing. This was believed to be the largest maritime loss as the value of the cargo was worth $25 million.

Mapur Island is situated 16 km east of Bintan, Indonesia. Unlike some other diving destinations, Mapur island is rather quiet and unknown to many divers. However, with healthy coral reef and colourful nudibranchs, Mapur island has become a popular diving destination for Liveaboards from Singapore . Current can be strong and visibility is about 10 to 15 m. Having said that, please be mindful that visibility could be poor sometimes.

Riau Islands present an enormous adventure in every divers portfolio. This is in view of the sites being in its early exploratory stage. But behold, being not fully explored yet promises immense
number of fortuitous discovery of new dive sites including few wrecks! Get ready for these, on top of the charming variety of marine life this region harbors.

Tioman Islands have been visited regularly in the past and undoubtedly, every trip marks an impression. However, time has come when we can do more and explore further dive sites. Onboard MV Nautica, diving in Tioman Islands will be seen in a whole new light with more challenging dive sites and impressive level of comfort, both in diving and lodging, to boot.