Liveaboard to Anambas and Igara Wreck

What’s more idyllic and psychedelic than swimming with the mystical giants of Anambas and exploring the legendary submerged wreck of the Igara? If you haven’t experienced a liveaboard diving into these ecstatic dive sites yet, perhaps you should save a spot now because frankly, you are missing a lot.

Rendezvous with the whale sharks of Anambas

Whale sharks are highly nomadic and are usually solitary—they only come together in groups when feeding—but they are extremely curious and gentle too! During your dive, they will likely to approach you for a closer view, so be cautious not to scare them away. Swim and interact with these gorgeous giants best where they are sighted countless times: Anambas Islands!

Igara Wreck escapade

After a rendezvous with the whale sharks of Anambas Islands, you can also explore the four-decade-old, coral-encrusted wreck of the Igara. But who would want to dive and go through all the hassle just to see a rusty old ship underwater, you say? Well first, there is not going to be any hassle in the comfort of liveaboard. And second, the Igara Wreck is not just some rusty old ship. For decades, it has served as a home to hundreds of marine species. Divers all over the world also travel miles just to see this idyllic dive spot.

Why dive Anambas and Igara through liveaboard?

Liveaboard diving is one of the best ways to experience the ocean! It lets you have more diving as you are just a doorstep away from the water. Liveaboard diving also gives you access to remote places, which you cannot do when you dive through a land trip. Liveaboard also offers sumptuous food! And lastly, it is friendly even for solo travelers. Diving buddy? You’ll surely meet new people who share the same passion as you, so you’ll never be alone, ocean child!

Whale sharks: How to spot the highly nomadic giants in Anambas


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