3 Basic Tips for Better Underwater Macro Photos

In macro photography, new tools, techniques, and tricks are helping photographers produce creative underwater photos. If you are an aspiring macro photographer, these basic composition hacks will help you take your photos to the next level:

Get Closer

The best macro images often have its subject fill the image frame. You must continue to move nearer to your subject until it takes up most of the space in the viewfinder. With the smallest subjects, a macro wet lens will help achieve this.

Capture Eye Contact

Eye contact makes an instant connection between the viewer and the subject. Try to compose the shot so both eyes (if your subject has eyes) are in focus and directed toward the camera lens. Make sure the visible eye is looking at the camera or ­connecting with a secondary subject if you’re shooting from the side. Eye contact also assures a face-forward composition—much more ­engaging than a fish-tail or ­top-down shot.

Emphasize Features

There is no right or wrong in ­positioning your subject. Choosing an angle that includes the eyes plus highlights interesting features must be the goal. Techniques such as three-quarters angle of view and the rule of thirds will help to orient the subject’s features in the best parts of the frame.


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