3 Reason Why Dive Riau

Riau is a group of islands only south of Singapore. It is a world so wonderful, barely visited by tourist. Here’s a rundown of different things that you and your companions can do amid your stay on the archipelago:

Preserved Magnificent Patch of Corals

First of all, you will appreciate the most wonderful oceanic condition anyplace close Singapore on your dive since this island is infrequently reserved by voyagers because of its remoteness and interesting magnificence that just a unique few have seen. A bundle of nudibranchs, bunches of reef angles and periodic turtles makes up the submerged full scale life however who recognizes what you yet to experience on your dive.

Immaculate Mangrove Tour

The fun begins with a pontoon ride through the mangrove bog and backwoods. You can expect monkeys hanging out of the tree limbs and in addition diverse types of snakes dozing. At the point when the night sneaks, you can get a night mangrove visit and be encompassed by mystical fireflies! Consummation your dive with this movement would essentially total your Riau escape since nothing beats the unwinding and tranquility that Mother Nature brings.


In spite of the fact that there are a couple of voyagers that go to the island to dive, the Bintan Agro Beach resort offers a ton of heart-raising water sports exercises. You can simply be your marvelous self and enjoy wind surfing alone or with your companions. You can likewise simply ride the waves and appreciate surfing or have some good times in a fly ski. You can either condition your abs through kayaking or simply hide out and bump on that banana pontoon. This island is free from the judgmental society so you can really do whatever you need!


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