Save your spot onboard MV Nautica and discover the most exciting places in Asia

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Why Nautica?


MV Nautica was built by following the specifications of the International Maritime Organization (I.M.O.), which means she meets all modern safety standards throughout. It is designed to be spacious and comfortable to make each trip a safe and exciting experience. Come and dive on Nautica to experiment the difference by yourself.

Service at its Finest


Our goal is, to provide our passionate divers with a service that meets their expectation . The only serious things on Nautica are the diving and the safety , everything else is just fun and enjoying the time spend with a group of cool people. It is known that all the divers are cool, and it is the case even more on Nautica!

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Articles and Stories

The death of Omsin the Turtle: Blood-poisoning from 1,000 coin

August 31, 2018

Omsin (piggy bank) is a 25-year-old ocean turtle that lived in an open lake in Chonburi region Thailand. She has gulped almost 1,000 coins amid bondage, broke her shell from …

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The Essential Gears for Scuba Diving

August 29, 2018

Numerous scuba divers utilize rental equipment on their initial couple of dives before obtaining their own particular arrangement of dive outfit. All things considered, there is a preference for preparing …

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What to do when in Anambas?

August 28, 2018

Anambas Islands in Riau Islands domain are still under the radar of various holidaymakers. Generally couple of people know about the islands’ magnificent waterfront and marine life, perhaps due to …

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