We do birthday celebrations, Proper!

On this beautiful weekend of 29-31 January we had 2 birthday boys, Sam and Keith on board. Little did they know that we had a surprise planned for them. So it started out like any other trip with the sail towards Riau Islands. The sky was painted a bright blue and the shiny blue water glistened in the sun. It was a great day for diving.


On this trip, we had 2 groups of Advance Open Water Divers led by Eugene and Wee.  While the others were doing leisure. The next few dives went pretty well! We had avergae visibilty with little or no currents at some dive sites.  Nudi sightings were on a high this weekend with divers coming up after their dives and furiosuly flipping through the nudi books to identify what they just saw.


As this was going on, I started spreading word of a surprise later. Getting people to wear party hats and preparing the cake and candles. So after dinner, I brought both Sam and Keith down for a short debrief while the rest started getting busy with the set up.


Show Time! As they were walking up the stairs the birthday song was sung enthusiastically by the rest and you could see the genuine surprise on the boys’ faces. The customary of cutting the cake and photo taking was done and everyone started digging into the cake. And the party continued on through out the night.


I hoped that Sam and Keith did enjoy their birthday celebrations onboard MV Nautica. Once again, on behalf of the Nautica Diving team and the peeps onbaord, I would like to wish Sam and Keith a very happy birthday and all the best in your future endeavours. Cheers!


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