5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Before Diving

“Breathe.” That is one of the vital things you must do before diving. Proper breathing is essential before engaging yourself in any types of diving. It should be in proper timing, proper rhythm, and proper moderation. And proper breathing can be achieved through proper MEDITATION.

Meditation is putting yourself into rest, and less you know, you can meditate by just closing your eyes. Meditation is a need before diving and here are the five reasons why you should meditate before diving:


Meditation is the key to a sound mind.

5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Before Diving

Diving is a sport that will definitely take your breath away, literally and figuratively. To dive into an unknown milieu requires great amount of skill, and physical and mental harmony. Fear and panic attacks are so common for people who lacks physical and mental serenity. A chaotic mind leads to a chaotic body, while a sound mind, leads to a sound body. Meditating before diving creates a perfect harmony between your mind, body and spirit — reducing the possibility of freaking out underwater.


Make time to meditate even by simply closing your eyes. Do the basic inhale and exhale. You might think it is not working, but believe me, it is.


Meditation eliminates stress.

5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Before Diving

Before being dive-ready, you need first to gear up yourself with diving essentials. You need to wear your suit, your pads or even sometimes carry heavy oxygen tanks. Preparing yourself for diving causes stress, stress that can affect your enjoyment when diving. But hey, don’t worry, good thing meditation reduces stress. It helps you find inner peace. You’ll carry that inner peace and you’ll be able to appreciate more of what awaits you under the sea.


Meditation increases concentration.

5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Before DivingThose who meditate are less likely to be distracted. Meditation makes concentration possible. Diving is not as easy as it seems on television, it requires great concentration as quick responses are needed especially when fortuitous events are just around the corner.


Meditation detaches us from less important matters.

5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Before DivingWhen you dive, you become part of the water, part of the swimming school of fish, part of the dazzling reefs, and part of the cool sensation brought by little waves. Stress divers tend to be incapable of being part of those as they are still bothered by the world they leave. Good thing meditation detaches us from the busy world as it helps on focusing on what you are really doing, in this case, diving. Disengage yourself first to the busy world and appreciate more of diving by committing yourself to what you’re doing.


Lastly, meditation lets you enjoy more of diving.

5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Before DivingYou dive to enjoy, so leave your fears, stress, and things to do above the water. It is possible through meditation. What is a five to ten minutes of meditation compared to a longer time of enjoyment underwater, right?

Diving is surely exciting and fun, but it can also be tedious and dangerous without appropriate training, and proper state-of-mind. That is why meditation is an art to be mastered by any diver; it puts your mind, body and spirit in perfect harmony. So, what are you waiting for? Put that mat flat on the floor and — inhale… exhale…


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