3 Things We Love about Diving in Tioman

Marked for its white powder sand beaches, virgin tracts of rainforest, rich culture, and healthy coral reef ecosystem, who would not fall for the enchanted isle of Tioman?

Macro Diving

A liveaboard trip to Tioman will not be complete until you encounter its rich marine life. Tioman has a lot to offer: cuttlefish, blue spot stingrays, school of barracudas, different hues of moray eels, reef sharks, clown fish and turtles. But what we love most among Tioman’s glorious underwater living things is its macro life; sea slugs and sea hares are abundant in this paradise.

3 Things We Love about Diving in Tioman

Tiger Reef Diving

Tiger Reef is known for its famous rock formations and exciting, strong currents. Marine critters such as the lion fish, batfish, parrot fish, butterfly fish, stingrays and reef sharks can be found here.

3 Things We Love about Diving in Tioman

Bahara Rock Diving

Bahara Rock is your field of flowers underwater. Different species of multihued corals in extraordinary formations lives in this dive site. Marine enthusiasts will surely appreciate the marine species that are copious in Bahara Rock: butterfly fish, emperor angelfish, parrot fish, soldier fish, lion fish and moray eels.

3 Things We Love about Diving in Tioman


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