Top 5 Best Coloured Fish Species

The ocean is riddled with creatures that never fail to mystify us. For underwater enthusiasts, it is not only the thrill of diving that keeps them coming back—but also the interesting marine critters you can find down there. We listed down some of our favourite fish species, make sure to spot them all the next time you go on a live aboard diving trip!

Yellow Tang

Hailing from the Kona (west) Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii, the bright yellowed body may seem just a plain colored fish but when the night comes, their color fads and is quickly restored by daylight!

Top 5 Best Coloured Fish Species

Picasso Triggerfish

A living and breathing art, the Lagoon Triggerfish is a Picasso painting come to life.

Its body is painted tan base colour and is decorated with gradient dark bands, and bright blue and black streaks on the top of the head, yellow stripe is drawn from cheek to cheek and has some deeply set-back eyes.

Top 5 Best Coloured Fish Species


Often known as Discus fish, these are available in innumerable colours and sizes. Spots or lines cover their bodies in colour combinations of green and white, red, brown, pink and blue.

Top 5 Best Coloured Fish Species


A member of the Scorpaenidae family. The lionfish is also known for several names like the Turkey Fish, Scorpion or Fire Fish. This fish species has extremely long and separated spines, and a striped appearance, red, orange, black, yellow, white, maroon and navy green, brown and orange.

Top 5 Best Coloured Fish Species

Mandarin fish

Topping off our list is the Mandarin fish. Why? Its right blue base colour, orange swirls and hints of yellow and green around its fins and body makes it a rainbow come to life. They are highly withdrawn during the day, but may be seen perched on or gliding between coral branches. They swim with a rapid animated motion of their fins which tends to make them appear as if they are hovering much like a hummingbird.

Top 5 Best Coloured Fish Species


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