Muck Diving: Gateway to the weirdest marine critters

Whether you are an avid underwater photographer, or just a marine inamorato who seeks the weirdest ocean creatures, these muck diving destinations in Asia will surely delight you.

Anilao, Philippines

Great opportunities to see various species of nudibranch, seahorse, cuttlefish, shrimps, crabs and a variety of octopus species is offered in this dive site. This spot known as the enst muck diving in the Philippines is also super accessible—just a few hours away from Manila.

Muck Diving: Gateway to the weirdest marine critters

Alor, Indonesia

Alor will not dismay macro aficionados as it is famous for its for proliferation of rynopia, and more macro species. This site is filled with sandy rubbles plus beautiful reefs, so you can be sure of an abundance of marine critters. Creatures to see here includes mandarin fish, orangutan crabs, and harlequin shrimps.

Bali, Indonesia

You will find magnificent muck diving spots around Seraya, Amed and Tulamben—the eastern coast of Bali. Lying here is the Liberty wreck of Tulamben—now encrusted with corals.It has also become a home to many crabs. Black sandy slopes can be found in Seraya—which is populated by stargazers, mimic octopus, pygmy seahorses, and frogfish.

Muck Diving: Gateway to the weirdest marine critters


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