Extraordinary wrecks and submerged sculptures in Asia

From wrecks to manufactured reefs, South East Asia has a lot of diving spots where the ocean’s beauty impact head on with art and history. Regardless of whether you’re a veteran diver, or just somebody enthusiastic about the sea and its wonders, here are stunning wreck and sculpture diving sites you don’t need to travel far for.

Underwater treadmill and artificial reefs – Tioman, Malaysia

Tioman is awesome for all divers, from novices to specialists. A dive at one of her prime diving spots—Renggis Island—resembles swimming through an aquarium. The reef structures here do not just give extra visual feast to the divers, but also offer safe house for the goatfish, porcupine fish and cuttlefish swimming around.

USAT Liberty Wreck – Tulamben Beach, Indonesia

Additionally close to Bali is USAT Liberty, one of the most effortless wrecks to dive to on the planet, and a flat out wonderland of marine life. A previous US supply dispatch hit by a Japanese torpedo amid WWII, she currently lies on a dark sand slant just 30m seaward. With the shallowest part of the disaster area at only 3 meters, even swimmers can get a look at it.

Encrusted with splendidly hued anemones, gorgonians and corals, the disaster area measures an amazing 120m long. Because of its harmed state, divers can never again enter a few sections of it, however the weapons, toilets, boilers, stay chain and diverse marine life encompassing it can at present be found in all it’s eminence.

Turtle Graveyard – Sipadan, Malaysia

Situated off the shore of Sabah, Sipadan is apparently the most prominent dive spot in all Asia. Having the biggest barrier reef in South East Asia and the world’s most elevated marine biodiversity, it’s not hard to perceive any reason why.

While Sipadan is a fortune trove of diving sites, the most intriguing one would be Turtle Cavern, also known as the Turtle Tomb. While not a “wreck” in the typical feeling of the word, this ghostly buckle houses skeletons of turtles and dolphins.


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