Breathe Well: 4 Essential Tips for Better Breathing

Diving has one golden rule: “remember to breathe”—which is also a great rule to apply in your everyday life. Nonetheless, when we see our breath, the nature of the breath, we can change it for a more advantageous, longer life, and a more extended dive. Here are a couple of tips for enhancing the nature of breath which can be rehearsed while diving, while driving a car, or even while just sitting before your laptop.

1. Notice your breath. What is the nature of your breath? Is it profound? Shallow? Shuddering? Are you are holding your breath? Simply pause for a minute to truly take note.

2. Relax your breath, and begin to tally your breath to an even breathe in and breathe out, thus, if you take in 4 seconds, you inhale out for 4 seconds.

3. Place once hand on your chest and the other on your stomach zone. Practice deliberately swelling the lungs on the breathe in, and letting the maritime lower towards the spine on the breathe out. Simply the demonstration of blowing up the lungs amid breathe out to most extreme limit builds lung limit, perseverance amid oxygen consuming exercises, expands blood stream in the body, and also kneads the encompassing organs.

4. Notice where you feel pressure around the body—where you are holding muscle strain and can unwind the body, and let go. Notice your considerations, would they say they are making strain? Assuming this is the case, convey your attention to the breath and let go.

Just by simply taking more full breaths to quiet the body, mind and enhance body capacities can limitlessly enhance our wellbeing—whether ashore or submerged.


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