6 Power Foods to Eat Before Diving

It’s the most awful feeling, to feel so peckish when you are 20 meters beneath the blue surface. Like any physical activities, you have to place nourishment into your body to keep your motor running, and keep you alert and solid amid your dive. Here are six foods to eat before diving:


Great for calories and cramps/spasms. Bananas furnish your body with basic supplements that advantage your wellbeing and muscle work. They are the ideal pre-dive nibble, furnishing your body with adequate starches to help your whole athletic execution amid the dive.


This verdant green has numerous advantages for divers. Effectively edible and filling, spinach contains magnesium which keeps any undesirable issues when submerged.

Brazil nuts

The fat and high protein in Brazil nuts will give you the vitality you have to balance kick against the current. Containing lots of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, we propose carrying a bag of these with you on your next excursion.

Brown rice

A splendid source of carbs, brown rice is known for its fiber and “superfood” characteristics. It is also perfect fuel for your body to consume all through the dive.

Beef jerky

Since you cannot pack a steak into your dive sack, meat jerky is an awesome high-protein substitute. Grass-fed jerky assures to give you more omega-3 unsaturated fat and grain-fed meat.


Mixed, poached, or heated up. Regardless of how you eat them, they’ll give protein and power that will enable you to last through the dive.


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