Scuba Diving Malaysia’s Bahara Rocks

Bahara Rocks (or privately known as Tokong Bahara) is situated toward the southwest of the fundamental island of Tioman. Voyage by speedboat from Tekek Village took us somewhere in the range of 30 minutes. Not excessively many jump administrators offer plunge treks to Bahara Rocks because of its separation, particularly in the event that you are in Salang Village on the northernmost region of Pulau Tioman, which implies the jump watercraft venture itself can without much of a stretch take near 60 minutes. There are better opportunities to locate a booked plunge trip on the off chance that you are remaining in either Genting Village or Paya Village, which are situated in the southern segments of Pulau Tioman.

We slid to a sandy base with seeing tutoring goldband fusilier (Pterocaesio chrysozona) making an extraordinary submerged scene. Other than that, a tolerable assortment of damselfish was spotted yet the dominant part of them were either yellowfin chromis (Neoglyphidodon nigroris) or dark maid (Neoglyphidodon melas). There were additionally a medium-sized school of yellowtail blue snapper(Paracaesio xanthura) despite the fact that their development was presumably not as terrifically synchronized as the goldband fusilier.

We kept running into a hawksbill turtle here! All in all, I have seen more green turtles in my numerous plunges all through Malaysia, thus observing a hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) is an incredible change. It was at first excessively charmed with brushing on the coral polyps and was most likely not mindful of our captivated look. Simply after the enthralled guests began to swarm the little area, it chose to swim away in a stunning manner. There were adequately extensive assortments of ocean fan corals that I spotted at this plunge site. Among them were Acabaria sp., little polyped gorgonian of Acalycigorgia sp., expanding gorgonian of Melithaea sp., and so forth. There were a lot of star quills of for the most part of Comanthina sp. sticking on these ocean fan corals. Moreover, I recognized an uncommon yellow-lined red star quills (Himerometra robustipinna) benefiting from best of a barrel wipe (Xestospongia testudinaria).

There were likewise a significant number of delicate and hard coral specie in Tokong Bahara. The delicate corals were for the most part overwhelmed by multi-shaded Dendronephthya sp. at medium water profundity. I additionally observed an uncommon green tree coral (Tubastraea micrantha). Other than that, there a lot of dark colored flap corals (Porites lutea), plated rice corals (Montipora patula), covering plate corals (Montipora capitata), table corals(Acropora cytherea), and so forth. Aside from that, there were various spots where one can discover regular ocean anemones (Stichodactyla gigantea) which at times frame a substantial cover on the surface of stone rocks.


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