More Tioman Sites to Explore? Here are they!

Tioman is not only teeming with sea critters. Its underwater scapes are also alluring. Here are more site to explore when in Tioman!

Ocean Fan Canyon

Ocean Fan Canyon houses tremendous rocks secured by delightful hard and delicate corals. A limited gully loaded with colossal ocean fans can be found between two of the stones here. Corals in this jump site are delicate, accordingly additional alert is expected to abstain from harming them. With a normal profundity of 22 meters and a most extreme profundity of 30 meters, this jumping shelter suits better propelled vast water jumpers. Look nearer to the stones and you will see diverse types of nudibranchs and flatworms!

Malang Rock

Malang Rock is a standout amongst the most well known plunge locales in Tioman Island. Like Sea Fan Canyon, there are additionally enormous shakes on this destinations secured with lovely corals. It is ideal for novice jumpers as it is very shallow. Pelagic fishes going by can be seen on this territory. It is additionally abounding with astonishing marine life like hawksbill turtles, stingrays, and wrasses.

Sepoy Rock

Sepoy shake flaunts clear, warm waters where you can experience multi-hued tropical fish, delicate and hard coral arrangements, and a heap of ocean critters—really an incredible sight for marine life fans. Its all encompassing submerged scene is ideal for submerged photography.



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