Tioman Dive Sites You Should Not Miss

Tioman has an extremely diverse underwater scape. Here are some dive sites to never miss when in Tioman.


Under the surface, the reef of Chebeh consists of large volcanic rocks making impressive swim throughs and tunnels. It additionally bears a beautiful 21-meter deep cave full of multi-hued faculties of fish. stunning manta rays and sumptuous whale sharks additionally visit the realm in season. Chebeh could be a noted dive web site for recognizing and diving with sharks.

Magicienne Rock

Magicienne Rock lives up to its name—magical. This dive site is one in all the most effective places to dive in Tioman. The rock pinnacle rises from eight meters below the surface. It’s enclosed by impressive coral plateaus, surroundings for manta rays, Elagatis bipinnulata, barracudas, varied equatorial reef species, and even whale sharks.

Kador Bay

Kador Bay or Teluk Kador holds splendid corals and gorgeous marine life. Marine turtle and blacktip sharks are luxuriant within the space. It’s additionally abundant with lobsters and eel eels. Drift diving is additionally attainable in Kador Bay particularly once there’s current. This dive site will be enjoyed by beginners and advanced differentalike—its sandy bottom is around twenty-two meters deep. Its shallow coral garden could be a site to behold—great for underwater photography because it will be reached by an honest quantity of daylight.


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